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Hi! I'm Fiona. (Maree is just my middle name) 

and this is my story... 


I'm a lover of outdoor adventures, playing sports, studying, hanging out with my goofball husband ... and finding animals along the way.


I've been treating for 14 years (omgosh!). I always knew I wanted this career, and still absolutely love it to bits! I'm an anatomy and biomechanics nerd, love problem solving, observing patterns, getting stuck into tight tissues, and figuring out better and simplified solutions to pain, health and happiness.

What my qualifications say I do: 

Movement Quals:

  • Grad. Dip. Exercise Physiology

  • CHEK Exercise Coach

  • CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach

  • Functional Patterns Human Foundations 

Manual Quals:

  • Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (fascia)

  • Dip. Remedial Massage

  • Fascia and Scar Tissue Cupping


What I really do is dig deep into your pain and symptoms to help connect complex pieces of the puzzle. Over the years I've discovered that treating 'What the Pain is' and 'Where the Pain is' doesn't work. What does work is identifying 'Why you have Pain' by delving into your

1) alignment, core, breath, neck, jaw and movement

2) cellular energy, sleep and metabolism pathways 

3) central nervous system, and traumatic events

4) detox / elimination pathways

If any of the above are not functioning properly they can create "kinks" in your body systems (your body has a bunch of systems. Think of them as hoses. If there's a kink in one or more systems it will create blockages and stagnation. Since the systems integrate with each other one kinked hose will impact others which can create low energy, stress and pain ) My job is to help find kinks, and undo them to restore flow.


My whole body approach stems from my own health challenges that many practitioners and GP's weren't able to remediate. I know first hand the frustrations that come with seeing specialist after specialist but never getting answers. It seems like everyone specialises in one part of the body, so the whole thing, even the basics and foundations of health never get looked at.

My 10 year health journey 


It all started with 3 traumatic events occurring within a short span of each other.

(Trauma happens when you don't recover from a stressful event, it turns into chronic stress and your central nervous system gets stuck in survival mode.)

My 3 events:

  • 130km head on car accident (physical trauma)

  • Mould Illness (chemical trauma)

  • My mother passing away (emotional trauma)

For most of the decade these were my ongoing symptoms:

  • stress constantly sitting at a 10/10 - I didn't have any moment where I felt 'relaxed'

  • since my stress was so high I had a very low tolerance to small daily stressors

  • developed brain fog and sensitivities to heat, food, light, sound, chemicals and people

  • developed strange symptoms with light-moderate exercise: I would go completely blind for 5-10 seconds and partially deaf for a few minutes, loud sounds, like busses going past of pots and pans clanging, turned into a high pitched electric noise (kind of like when a microphone makes that bad noise), I'd get very tired and end up with a migraine...

  • developed chronic fatigue, and needed to sleep for 12-14 hours a night, yet never felt well rested

  • got diagnosed with heavy metals toxicity, and other gut sensitivities

  • was told to do fasting, cut calories, cut out grains, gluten, carbs, sugar, dairy, salicylates, tannins, histamines, caffeine, chemicals, preservatives... 

  • mostly had anger, sadness, depression, constant negativity, constantly scanning for 'what's wrong with me today'

  • was told to try the keto diet, and more fasting... this tipped me over the edge. The high fat diet wrecked my hormones, I developed hypothyroidism, and gained 30kg

  • I literally felt like I was dying, like my brain and body were missing some vital essentials. The more strict I was with "health" the unhealthier I got.

... You know what? Health and Happiness are meant to go hand in hand. Health that we get taught today looks like cutting out anything enjoyable in life, then stressing that we can't manage it because there must be something wrong with us. Let's stop thinking there's something wrong with us. Let's not cut things from our life anymore. Let's start focussing on feeling better, and moving better... only then will you start looking and living better.

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