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Red & Near Infrared Light Therapy

Light - a nutrient you might be deficient in

Light is a necessary supplement for our cells to function normally and optimally. As human beings we are made to have long sun exposure than what our busy indoor lifestyles allow. An example of low light exposure you have probably heard of is seasonal depression, with the onset during the cooler months where we have less daylight - this is directly impacting your cells, mind and body. The downside of living in Australia and having a hole in our ozone layer is that long sun exposure can be detrimental from the UV rays. This is where Red and Near Infrared Light Therapy comes in without any UV.

Benefits are accumulative with frequent use:


Surface Benefits: 

- building collagen, reducing fine lines, wrinkles and spots

- improves your ability to tan (the lights themselves won't tan you however red and near infrared prepares your skin better to handle UV from sun exposure)

Deeper Benefits:

directly impacts the mitochondria part of our cells

(^^^ this is the part responsible for energy and metabolism and definitely the most exciting part of light therapy)

- reduces inflammation 

- reduces pain, including arthritic pain

- improves thyroid function (related to energy and metabolism)

- improves mood

- enhances sleep

- boosts our internal antioxidant system 

- enhances the benefits of exercise

- supports hormonal health




Treatment & Usage for Best Effects:


Initial Pack:  12 sessions over 4 weeks

Chronic Conditions: 3 - 4 times a week

Athletic Recovery & Benefits Maintenance:  2 - 3 times a week

(click through our bookings to see available packages)


- light therapy is best right before exercise to enhance the benefits of training

- if you are hyper-responsive to light sessions are best in the morning

- if you want to work on your tan sessions are best in the morning

- if you have trouble sleeping trial having sessions either early morning or late afternoon, to see which works best for you

- have natural clean skin for the treatment - we don't want any barriers from moisturisers, or makeup


How long is a session? 10 minutes or less

Our lights are on the stronger side, contain 5 different wavelengths, and have the new pulsing technology - because of this your body is able to absorb the light much faster, so 10 minutes is the maximum time. Red and Near Infrared light therapy is known for producing no side effects. 

(Hyper-responders or very unwell individuals may feel over-stimulated and tired afterwards, initial shorter sessions are recommended in those rare cases). 

What to bring to your appointment?

As you'll just be in underwear or swimmers nothing is needed. You won't get sweaty, however the lights are nice and warm, and you definitely won't tan. 

We provide: Goggles.

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