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Group Classes

Together, let's build a body that is resilient

Our classes are focussed on building a body that is stable and resilient. We'll provide specific steps that will improve core strength, durability, and help you eliminate bad habits that contribute to debilitating injuries. 

Classes focus on:

  • Creating surety of movement

  • Strength and efficiency in all planes of movement

  • Standing and gait structural integrity

  • Creating elasticity and spring in your movements

The better balanced and aligned your body, the more efficient your movements, the longer you will go without severe injury or physical degradation that prevents you from living the life you want.


Your Trainer: Sebastian

Exercise Scientist

Functional Patterns Practitioner

Biomechanics & Movement Specialist

6 month results from Sebastian's private clients:

Symmetry, spine decompression, and balancing out the fascia lines.

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Next Term Starts: 29th April - 8 weeks



Class Options

1) Fascia Movement Class 
45 minutes

7:15am Mondays & Thursdays

$480 for the twice a week, 8 week Term
Perfect for those who:
- have no pain and want to start or get back into better movement habits
- are fit, healthy and want to unlock your movement potential
- have niggles and pain but can move pretty well during day-to-day activities
- play sport for longer by lowering the risk of injury

2) Fascia Movement Lower Intensity Class
45 minutes

8:15am Thursdays

$240 for the once a week, 8 week term

Perfect for those who:
- have chronic pain and difficulty with some or lots of movements
- find getting down and up from the floor is more annoying than easy
- want ease and freedom of movement in all activities of daily living
- want to start hiking or playing tennis again, or get back into those hobbies that you love but can no longer do 
- want to move better to play with your kids or grandkids


Myofascial Release (MFR) Class with Sahand 



Anatomy Trains Structural Bodyworker

Massage Therapist

Functional Patterns Foundations Trainer

Myofascial Release instructor




4 Week Term Starting May 6th


Break up restrictive tissue using balls and foam rollers
45 minutes

5:45pm Wednesdays

$80 for the short 4 week Term
Perfect for those who:
- are stiff and tight 
- want to learn how to use MFR equipment to release tissues
- need a guided class environment to give yourself some focussed health time
- move with more freedom in day to day activities