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Far Infrared Sauna

What's it all about?


Far infrared sauna has a deeper effect on the body, even at the molecular level, compared to a near infrared sauna. It penetrates deeply into your body to enable a detoxification, increase metabolism, promote the reduction of stress, burns calories, and accelerates weight loss. 


A far infrared sauna is so efficient that it can trigger heavy and profuse sweating seven times greater than a standard sauna. Regular sauna bathing produces positive outcomes in areas of cardiovascular health, blood pressure, and respiratory health. 

The largest sauna study done on 2,315 people showed the best outcomes were observed in participants who used the sauna 4 x per week. The physical effects of the sauna correspond to similar benefits seen with regular physical exercise.

Our sauna is a solo experience so you can enjoy our sauna in a calm, private, and relaxed manner.


Infrared Sauna

Our sauna is for single use only, which means you get to stretch out in this 3 person sauna all to yourself

Price: click the booking button to see packages and prices > 

Saunas work by heating the body directly, penetrating 4 - 5 cm into the skin, creating a cardiovascular workout whilst removing heavy metals and toxins via sweat.

How long is a session?
All our sessions are up to 60 minutes so you can take your time and relax

What to bring to your appointment:

- Swimmers, underwear or gym clothes that you don't mind getting sweaty

- bottle to fill up (we also have cups)

We provide:

- Large towel to wrap around yourself

- Hand towel

- filtered water

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