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5 Tips When Using an Infrared Sauna

So you’ve booked your sauna in, and now you want to know how to make the best use of your 45-60 minutes of sauna bathing. From the day you head in for a sweat fest, to what you do in there, to knowing when is the wrong time to have an infrared sauna, we have you covered.

1. Use on a rest day:

The sauna is meant to be a healing, relaxing experience, so those of you hitting the gym and exercising regularly should try to use the sauna on your rest day to help muscles heal and let that body wind down properly to prep you for tomorrows clang and bang or pavement pounding.

2. Switch off:

It’s tempting to try to use the time you’re sitting in the sauna to do

some work emails, or to catch up on your social profiles, or scroll, but this 30-60 minutes is supposed to be about you. Sit back, put your feet up if you can, close your eyes, and get reacquainted with what it is to tune in to yourself, and just be still and quiet in the moment.

3. Rehydrate:

You’re soaked in sweat, runnels of it dribbling down your arms and torso and legs. That’a lot of water you need to replace. Traditionally after a sauna you should have a fruit juice, mineral water (no ice), or a coconut water to replenish electrolytes. If you're just having filtered water make sure to remineralise with a pinch of sea salt per glass.

4. Get to bed early:

Hit the hay early. Get plenty of sleep after your infrared sauna to give your body and mind the longest possible time to heal. Personally, I love an infra-red sauna on a Saturday as it sets me up nicely for a weekend of fun and to be switched on in the coming week.

5. When not to use a sauna:

Avoid the infrared sauna immediately after a meal, while you have alcohol in your system, when you are pregnant, or if you have pneumonia or an acute respiratory disease (eg. Covid). Some people can feel claustrophobic in infrared saunas, but as they generally have glass windows, most people are okay.

Are you ready to book your Infra-red Sauna? Use the button below and book in at the Fiona Maree Clinic!


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