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Our Nutritionist shares her top 5 tips for reducing inflammation.

1. Anti-inflammatory (or alkalising) diet

This type of diet is made up of mainly plant-based, unprocessed, organic (pesticide/chemical free) foods. It includes small amounts of animal protein as well as protein from nuts/seeds, legumes, pulses, etc. Many people will benefit from avoiding gluten and dairy and I generally suggest consuming in moderation where no allergy exists (1 -2 portions per week.)

2. Essential Fatty Acids

To reduce inflammation you want to optimise the ratio of omega 6 fatty acids (O6) to omega 3 fatty acids (O3). O6 = pro-inflammatory O3 = anti-inflammatory. A balanced diet will provide adequate O6 so you should look to incorporate good food sources of O3 into your diet such as oily wild caught/sustainable fish, flaxseed/linseeds, red meat and dairy.

3. Homeopathic pain relief

Heel Traumeel cream, gel or tablets have been clinically trialed and shown to be as effective as NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) in reducing symptoms of inflammation, accelerating recovery and improving mobility without the known harsh side-effects of NSAIDs.

4. Sleep Hygiene

During sleep the body is in repair mode. Inadequate time or quality of sleep can prevent the body from getting through the 4 stages of sleep and therefore not repair and restore. Many people are deficient in Magnesium (a mineral involved in 300+ biochemical reactions in the body) which can lead to muscle spasms, eye twitches, CVD, high BP, headaches, anxiety and poor quality sleep. A good quality highly bioavailable supplement like Magnesium Diasporal travels rapidly as a liquid and is absorbed through the stomach.

5. Hydration

You should be consuming approximately 2 litres of water daily. It can be in the form of hot or cold herbal teas. Of course as we head into summer more is required in extreme heat or when exercising.

If you are struggling with inflammation and are not sure where to start with your diet book an appointment with Bonita and start your journey to towards a healthier and happier body.

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