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Remedial, Sports, Deep-Tissue and 
Myofascial Massage

Fiona is an Exercise Physiologist, Fascia Specialist and Remedial Therapist.  Being an expert in pain reduction, structural integrity and realignment techniques, she will have you balanced and moving more freely with a greater understanding of your body.

Deep-tissue, Sports, Remedial, Structural Integration, and Fascia Cupping Massage.

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Remedial, Relaxation, Pregnancy and Kahuna

Rebecca has over 25 years experience in hands on massage treatment and has taught massage internationally. Rebecca's vast experience enables her to tailor your treatment to include remedial techniques with soothing relaxation styles to bring about an overall sense of healing, wellbeing and relaxation. 

Deep-tissue, Remedial, Relaxation (Swedish), Sports, Thai, Shiatsu, Ka-huna, Aromatherapy and Pregnancy Massage

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