Working with Fiona

Take the guess work out of your pain with Fiona's thorough assessment process that has been developed over the last 10+ years. Chronic pain can come with a cluster of other symptoms that adds to the piece of the puzzle, Fiona understands the important of treating the individual as a whole.

Group Classes &

Private Training

Our trainers have specialised training in anatomy and biomechanics; this means you're not just getting a

workout but noticeable 

changes to your pain, posture, and movement abilities. 

Red & Near Infrared

Light Therapy

WHOLE BODY light therapy stimulates your cells to improve energy, mood, metabolism, and collagen, while also reducing pain and inflammation

Infrared Sauna

Infrared works deep into your tissues and cells to help detox, accelerate tissue repair, improve circulation, and burn calories while you sit, relax and sweat.

Massage, Fascia &

Structural Integration

Our massage practitioners are highly trained in reading your posture and movement. We provide balance by removing restrictions, and bringing length, hydration and movement back to your tissues


This is a form of psychology that combines mind and body. Kinesiology can get additional information from your body about the issue you'd like to work on, to correct physical, emotional, thought or behaviour patterns


What our customers say

Amy F.

I saw Fiona for a fascia massage and it was like nothing i had ever experienced before. She is so knowledgeable in what she does and really is an expert in her field. She was able to identify areas of tightness in my body which i can release to improve my overall physicality. Her studio is so calming and in a central location. She cares about her patients which is evident in the level of care and service you receive when you attend her studio. High recommend!

Karen F.

I have visited Fiona Maree Clinic on many occasions for massage, exercise prescription, fascia treatment and infra red sauna sessions. The treatments I receive at the clinic always exceed my expectations. My injuries have improved through exercise and massage.I now enjoy maintenance treatments and massage. I have had the opportunity to attend other sessions of interest through the clinic which have improved my overall health and motivated me too improve my diet.
I would highly recommend a visit to the clinic.

Jessica T.

My hips felt so good after Fiona's treatment and still feeling balanced weeks later.
Finally a therapists who gets into the difficult areas! Hip flexors are always a tricky area..
Fiona was super knowledgeable, professional, and strong!

Ange S. 

Fiona is a Caring and Confident practitioner. Her treatments have made such a difference to my body. My TMJ gone and my lower back is much stronger because I can exercise at full capacity again. Thanks Fiona!

Anton G. 

Fiona does excellent work and runs a really innovative and dynamic centre with her combination of massage and Exercise physiology. As a Chiropractor I really value another practitioner I have both personally benefitted from and can then recommend with confidence.
Dr Anton Gillezeau, Chiropractor

Sophie G

Fiona is phenomenal. Fascia release helped me realign, reduce pain, and improve athletic performance as a fitness instructor. Couldn’t be more thankful that I happened along her studio by accident!


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